What are the system requirements for using SPIP ?

The SPIP CMS needs PHP4 or PHP5 and a MySQL database (and usually an internet account, although it’s quite simple to set up a "local" or private "intranet" SPIP system as well, documented here ). Refer to the article on "Installing SPIP" for full details on the standard install procedure.

Does SPIP run on all ISP hosted sites that include the software mentioned above? Which webhosters have been tested?

The software won’t necessarily work perfectly on all ISP hosted web sites because some ISPs only provide seriously reduced functionality (e.g. MySQL tables can only be created manually, and not by script).

We are gradually building a list of ISPs that provide services compatible with SPIP. Please check that list for further information. Note: Because almost every ISP can theoretically support SPIP, this list has recently been transformed into a collaborative effort to identify ISPs that DO NOT support SPIP - a much simpler task, by far.

Author Mark Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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