The Occitan versions of SPIP: why are there so many "òc"?

SPIP is available in OCCITAN or LENGA D’ÒC (also called ‘Langue d’Oc’ or ‘Provençal’) through seven regional standards.

Occitan has some closely coordinated regional standards that are respectful of the main dialectal features.

Some others languages also have such regional standards, such as Catalan, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi and Hindi-Urdu...

Here are the seven Occitan regional standards:

  • Auvernhat
  • Gascon
  • Lemosin
  • Lengadocian
  • Niçard. There are two Niçard versions:
    • The so called “Niçard Larg” (Wide Niçard) version follows the conventions of the classical norm (as the other SPIP Occitan standards do).
    • The so called “Niçard” version doesn’t completely follow the norm and represents a more individual point of view.
  • Provençal (Provençau)
  • Vivaro-Alpine (Vivaroaupenc)

The map shows the seven regional standards of Occitan (it also presents two languages close to Occitan: Catalan and Arpitan aka Francoprovençal)

Mapa d'Occitània - lengas de l'espaci occitanocatalan
Mapa d’Occitània - lengas de l’espaci occitanocatalan
SPIP es disponible en OCCITAN, dins los sèt estandards regionals presentats sus la mapa: provençal general, provençal niçard, vivaroalpenc, auvernhat, lemosin, gascon, lengadocian. Aquela mapa presenta tanben doas lengas pròchas de l’occitan: lo catalan e l’arpitan (o "francoprovençal").
Mapa extracha de: Robèrt LAFONT (2003) Petita istòria europèa d’Occitània, Canet: Trabucaire/Aprene

Map extracted from: Robèrt LAFONT (2003) Petita istòria europèa d’Occitània, Canet: Trabucaire/Aprene

Author Domergue Sumien Published : Updated : 26/10/12

Translations : English, Español, français, italiano, òc lengadocian, slovenčina