The SIGNATURES loop returns a list of signatures made for petitions that are linked to articles.


Selection criteria

Any of the following criteria can be used to control which elements are selected:

-  {id_article} returns the signatures to the petition associated with the nominated article.

-  {id_signature} returns the signature corresponding to the current signature identifier.

-  {id_trad} returns the signatures to petitions associated with the current article or to any of that article’s translations (SPIP2).

-  {tout} returns all the signatures from the whole site.

All of these criteria may be conditional and may also be combined together if so desired. For example, {id_trad ?}{id_article ?} is used to select the signatures for a given article or for a collection of translations of an article, depending on the context that the loop is called in (SPIP2).

Display criteria

You can use any of the criteria applicable to all loops.

Warning. In this type of loop, certain sort criteria do not have exactly the same name as the SPIP tags on which they sort:
-  {par nom_email} sorts the results by the #NOM (name) of the signatory;
-  {par ad_email} sorts the results by the #EMAIL of the signatory.

The tags specific to this loop

These tags are used to represent items retrieved directly from the database. You can also use them as a sort criterion (for example, {par date}).

-  #ID_SIGNATURE returns the unique identifier of the signature message.

-  #ID_ARTICLE returns the identifier of the article with which the petition is associated.

-  #DATE returns the date of publication.

-  #MESSAGE returns the text of the signature.

-  #NOM_EMAIL returns the name of the author of the signature.

-  #EMAIL returns the author’s e-mail address.

-  #NOM_SITE returns the name of the website entered by the author.

-  #URL_SITE returns the URL address of the website entered by the author.

Author mathieu, Paolo Published : Updated : 26/10/12

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