Internet Service Providers which support SPIP

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are organisations or companies which offer Internet services such as a home Internet connection or site hosting facilities. The latter is required to open your own SPIP site on the Internet.

SPIP-contrib: which ISP to choose?

A list of hosts that do or do not support SPIP is available now on the Spikini of SPIP-Contrib.

Do not hesitate to contribute to the list, it is a tool very much appreciated by novice users.

Questions / Answers

My ISP is not on the above list. What should I do?

If they offer PHP4 with MySQL, the chances are that it will work. In any case, uploading and testing the installation should not take more than about ten minutes, even for the inexperienced.

If you really want to know if it will work before trying, read the following questions.

Which are the PHP files supported by my host?

Some hosts do not support the .php3 extension which are the extensions of SPIP’s files (up until version 1.8), so when you try to run the SPIP installation for those versions, you will see the raw code of the files instead of the installation procedure.

In this case, try installing one of the derived SPIP distributions offered by the SPIP community, or the most recent version of SPIP which uses standard .php extensions for its files.

With which versions of PHP is SPIP compatible?

Version 1.72 is compatible with PHP3 from version 3.0.8 as well as all versions of PHP 4.

Versions 1.8 and 1.9 are compatible with PHP 4.0.8 to PHP 5.

Historically, version 1.8 of SPIP was the last to support PHP3.

With which versions of MySQL is SPIP compatible?

No specific tests were conducted for this, but all recent versions (from version 3.22 inclusive) should work.

And with which web servers, under which operating systems?

Again, we have not done any specific tests on this. The recommended choice, which is also the most common, is to use Apache with a Unix-like system (for example Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X, ...).

Nevertheless, it is highly probable that SPIP works with other configurations. It is regularly tested under Windows with PHP4 as an Apache module. Please contribute your own experiences with configurations other than the ones mentioned above.

Where can I learn more about installing SPIP?

-  The installation guide;
-  and, if problems occur, the technical FAQ.

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